jeff hawkins – numenta and nupic

28 March, 2007

In a way I’m a bit disappointed by the talk of Jeff Hawkins on Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). But, I guess, it’s my own fault as well. Already I read his book (On Intelligence), read up on the NuPIC platform and played around with the demo application. So what can you expect from a 45 minutes talk on the subject.

One thing that came up in the talk were limitations of the software. At this moment two things are not yet tackled. First, precise timing cannot be addressed by the system. This would mean that (near) real-time control of a system will be a challenge. Another issue is modeling natural language with HTMs. At this moment there is not a clear idea yet how to go about this. In general, Numenta does not focus on specific applications. Their business model is based on earning money with a licensing model. For demonstration purposes they focus on vision system, which is also shown with the released demo application.

In the end I’m still curious to see what NuPIC can do, and like to see another application other that the (still impressive) demo.

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