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27 February, 2008


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26 February, 2008

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22 February, 2008

  • Amazing story about a school which banned Lego from the classroom to teach their kids something about power, ownership, collectivity and consensus. It’s interesting to see how the kids were taken on a journey from an oligarchy to a democracy.

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19 February, 2008

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15 February, 2008

  • Short but thorough comparison of popfly (Microsoft) and pipes (Yahoo) as mash-up creators. My choice goes for pipes, as it is more part of ‘the cloud’ as Jon Udell calls it. With Pipes it’s RSS ‘all the way down’…

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14 February, 2008

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13 February, 2008

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12 February, 2008

  • For anyone that would like to do an MBA, but hasn’t the money or time, this might be an option. It’s an MBA course designed to do in your own time. A number of relevant books are listed and a forum is set up to meet other students. You just pay the books.

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11 February, 2008

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4 February, 2008