changed address

3 April, 2007

Today, I decided to move to another domain. I just to run this blog on my own domain, however, the domain is in use for something else. Wouldn’t want to mix up some personal project with this blog. The easiest way was to host it at That’s why!


Today just a few pictures from the Make: Fest at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology conference 2007 (etech2007). The ‘fest’ was not that big, but there were some cool projects. Especially the 3D projects were awesome, all hacked together with fairly little resources and normal parts. Great stuff.

Here are also some pictures from the hotels I’ve been at this week. The Hyatt for the conference and the Marriott as my home base.

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arrived in san diego

26 March, 2007

After a long day of travelling (Düsseldorf – Atlanta – San Diego) I arrived in San Diego saturday night. After a quick bite and a look at the view from my room, it was time to sleep some jetlag away. (It turned out that there is no need to worry about anything, there are three bibles in the bedside drawer:)

Sunday I could enjoy freely, the conference hasn’t started yet. It was a great day to see some of San Diego. I’ve walked around a lot, and saw most of the downtown area, including the Mall. In the port there was a huge aircraft carrier (now a museum), and later in the afternoon (while writing this post) a submarine came into port.

More posts on Etech 2007 later.

Just got here…

27 February, 2007

Welcome, I just moved in: nothing to see here yet!