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15 August, 2008

  • Not too complex idea about improving most 'yellow-pages' on intranets. The idea is to keep track of the mistakes people are making in a particular browsing session. This could greatly improve the situation of finding a certain person, as often you've heard a name and are not entirely sure of the spelling or complete name. Especially in Dutch there can be a lot of different spellings for the same name.
  • This video, which is similar to the PhotoSynth presentation a few years ago is really worth spending the total 7 minutes on. It's mind blowing to see how a number of pictures from a similar scene can be used to present such a rich user experience. Ideas like this finally show where the crowd sourced web is moving towards, and the additional value that can be produced based on content from users.

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14 August, 2008

  • Short but interesting piece on the fallacy of planning. At the moment I’m reading “the Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He also raises an interesting point: mistakes in planning are generally exponential. For example, if a project is late by 3 days it will need another 10 to finish. If it is not finished by then it will take another month, etc, etc. A bit rephrased he says: “Every day takes you closer to death but farther [from project completion]”
  • Indeed, very important: just tyring something at work. Some of the best things I have done were started as an 'experiment'. Together with a good dose of serendipity those experiments turned into something bigger. Also, it turns out that actually building something (be it software or hardware) that is close to being real, sells a story or idea so much easier. Better spend a day of hacking something together than the same day to write a report or a powerpoint deck.
  • Article about the other side of 'cloud computing' or 'software-as-a-service'. The big companies don't really keep up with the challenges the new paradigm is giving them. On the other hand, the idea of making a lot of money with SaaS is indeed a problem.
  • Tim O'Reilly speaks about cloud computing, just like he did on web 2.0. I really like the way he thinks about the connection between systems being open and cloud computing. It seems that with SaaS and cloud computing the user is going to loose his control on his own data. This will hamper the development of the internet as a whole. As the web is being built on user generated content, it should be accessible in any way the user that created the content wants.

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26 July, 2008

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